"There is nothing you can't do tomorrow, no matter where you were yesterday"


Why should your Municipality have our program?

Here's why:

15 years ago we started out and have changed over 7600 lives.  We have 20/30 individuals monthly, who are desperate for a change.  They want to put in the work, and our program encourages that.  We have done this with 0 $.  We estimate that we have saved the government over $210,000.  

Now we are headed to Washington, to grow our program Nationwide.  

Jobs Class in your area

We will start the process in your area with a jobs class.  This is the first of many things we do;

  • Clean up the individuals garbage (warrants, license, court).
  • Gives our individuals a fresh start.
  • Teaches them about becoming employed and all the paperwork to become a tax paying citizen. 

Our experience has shown that most individuals fall off the wagon many times.  We are giving them a reason to stay.  

Our program, along with God's Grace, gives our individuals the ability to be empowered and to stay on the road to recovery.