"There is nothing you can't do tomorrow, no matter where you were yesterday"




Our Success Speaks For Itself

  • Assisted over 7600 individuals in the last 15 years
  • Helped 41 women regain custody of their children
  • 52% of individuals that complete our in-house program are still gainfully employed after 12 months
  • 97% of non-violent offenders who were previously incarcerated complete our program for rehabilitation
  • Decreased the re-entry rate of non-violent offenders by 10%

Our Services

H2H offers a variety of services to their full-time residents and others in the community including:

  • Life Skills Training
  • DUI Diversion Program
  • Empowering Women Program
  • Referral Services
  • Job Placement, Education and Career Development
  • Legal Assistance
  • Credit Score Restoration
  • Transportation Assistance bus passes and obtaining driver's license
  • Vehicle Ownership Assistance
  • Veterans Program
  • Home Ownership**

*** We are the only program in the country that helps graduates to achieve home ownership


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